Receiving a Guest
Du Fu

Hut south hut north all spring water
Only see flock gulls day day come
Flower path not once reason visitor sweep
Rough gate today start for gentleman open
Dish supper market far not double taste
Cup wine home poor only old coarse wine
Consent with neighbour old man opposite drink
Partition fence shout get exhaust remaining cup
To north and south of my hut, all is spring water,
A flock of gulls is all I see come each day.
The floral path has never been swept for a guest,
Today for the first time the rough gate opens for the gentleman.
Far from the market, my food has little taste,
My poor home can offer only stale and cloudy wine.
Consent to have a drink with my elderly neighbour,
At the fence I'll call him, then we'll finish it off.

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